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Barok Morocco Craftsmanship

Welcome to Barok, a fusion of Morocco craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Established in 2020, Barok is a Moroccan luxury brand that is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, creating authentic and trendy Moroccan slippers that pay homage to the cultural significance of Fez.

Steeped in the rich heritage of Moroccan craftsmanship, Barok brings you more than just a pair of designer shoes; we offer an immersive experience that celebrates art, tradition, and the extraordinary.

Moroccan Craftsmanship Unveiled​

At the heart of Barok lies a commitment to Morocco craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. Our Master Craftsmen undergo rigorous training to ensure an impeccable finish in every creation. From the intricate designs to the final stitches, each stylish slippers tells a story of dedication and skill passed down through generations.​

Artisanat du Maroc

Designer shoes collaboration of Visionaries

Barok's journey is marked by collaborations that elevate our creations to wearable masterpieces. In a limited edition collaboration with international designer Hicham Lahlou, we birthed the Alflila - a designer shoes that pays homage to the ancestral knowledge of our Master Craftsmen in Fez and the finishing touches of a major luxury brand. The Alflila not only achieved international commercial success but also found a place at the Museum On The Seam in Jerusalem as a contemporary work of art with positive social impact during confinement.

Artisanat du Maroc

Moroccan Art Elevated to Style

For us, fashion is a canvas, and each Moroccan slipper is a piece of art. Collaborating with Master Artisans, visionary artists like Rime Sbaï for the Z1U collection,, and designers, Barok creates designer shoes and stylish slippers that transcend accessories. They are wearable masterpieces that redefine the very essence of style. We craft limited-edition slippers that go beyond the ordinary. Meticulously designed, each creation is a fusion of tradition and modernity tailored for those who crave individuality in their style.

Barok Morocco Craftsmanship

Luxuriously Rooted in Morocco

Barok preserves the rich heritage of Morocco, bringing forth a fusion of tradition and contemporary design. Our dedicated Master Artisans employ time-honored craftsmanship, utilizing the finest materials, including Ziwani goat leather organically tanned in the historic Chouara tanneries of Fez.

Artisanat du Maroc

Limited Edition, Endless Experience

Every Barok slipper collection is an exclusive edition, a manifestation of rarity that transcends temporal confines. Owning a Barok designer shoes is an invitation to possess not just a fashion accessory but a piece of living history—a symbol of creativity and exceptional craftsmanship.

Barok: A Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

In the realm of Barok, each creation is a narrative—a blend of heritage, craftsmanship, and forward-thinking creativity. Step into our world, explore our collections, and let every stride become a statement of timeless and exclusive style.

Indulge in the luxury of Barok’s designer shoes—crafted with passion, steeped in tradition, and designed for those who seek to make a statement with every step. Whether you’re in search of men’s designer footwear, leather shoes for women, or stylish slippers that seamlessly blend Moroccan art with modern creation, Barok invites you to experience the fusion of heritage and innovation.

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