Summer in Fez

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Step into summer sophistication with Barok’s Summer in Fez stylish slippers. Available in 6 stunning shades, each pair boasts an absorbent leather interior, ensuring comfort under the summer sun. Unleash the colors of Fez in every step.

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Stylish Slippers Summer description

Immerse yourself in the hues of Barok’s Summer in Fez stylish slippers collection. From Vivid Blue to Almond Glass, these luxury slippers redefine summer style. Crafted entirely in leather, the absorbent interior, inspired by Fes’ heritage, ensures a comfortable and stylish journey through the season. An ode to tradition and innovation, step into Summer in Fez.

Unleash the vibrancy of summer. Barok’s Summer in Fez women and men’s slippers are here. Walk with style and comfort. Order yours now.

Les Babouches tendance Summer in fez
Barok Stylish slippers Summer In Fez
Color Innovation

The Summer in Fez collection boasts a unique color palette achieved by blending plant-based, mineral, and earthy pigments – an exclusive touch to your summer wardrobe.

Historical Craftsmanship

Inspired by Fes’ heritage, our leather slippers are crafted with century-old traditions, embodying timeless elegance.

Summer Comfort

Barok’s slippers for ladies and gentlemen feature an absorbent leather interior, ensuring comfort even with wet feet. Stay chic and cool.

More about the stylish slippers Summer in Fez

Summer in Fez Moroccan slippers by Barok embrace ancestral know-how. The absorbent leather interior, born from Fez’ historical collaboration with Chouara tannery, ensures comfort. The upper part, handcrafted with goat leather, displays a vibrant color palette achieved through meticulous blending of plant-based, mineral, and earthy pigments under the expertise of Fez’ Master of Pigments.


Blue, Pink, Purple, Almond Green, Fuschia, Red Orange


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