Dima Marok

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Discover Dima Marok designer shoes collection, where art meets fashion. Ahmed Bennani’s artistic touch transforms goat leather into a vibrant homage to his origins, Morocco. Wear your colors with style!

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Dima Marok by Ahmed Bennani description

Ahmed Bennani‘s creative vision effortlessly intertwines with Barok’s expertise in the captivating Dima Marok slippers collection. Additionally, within this collection, the Moroccan flag, ingeniously reimagined by Bennani, elegantly adorns the leather of our designer shoes. Expertly digitally printed, these distinctive pieces beautifully pay homage to the Moroccan football team, thereby expertly combining art, fashion, and national pride.

Celebrate the spirit of Moroccan football with Ahmed Bennani’s designer shoes! Discover the collection and choose your style. Wear your colors, feel the pride!

Dima marok
Ahmed Bennani’s vision

Barok’s collaboration with Ahmed Bennani brings a new perspective to fashion, so it seamlessly transforms traditional slippers into contemporary works of art for football fans.

Digitally printed elegance

Ahmed Bennani‘s collection features digitally printed leather, thus offering a level of detail and vibrancy that sets these designer shoes apart from traditional slippers.

Universal fashion

Beyond football events, this designer shoes pair effortlessly with casual or smart outfits, so wearers can display their national pride on a variety of occasions.

More about designer shoes Dima Marok by Ahmed Bennani

Barok’s Dima Marok collection seamlessly combines the artistry of Ahmed Bennani with leather craftsmanship. Consequently, the complex digital printing process brings to life various reinterpretations of the Moroccan flag, ultimately transforming slippers into symbolic expressions of national pride.


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